The Fault Line addresses the building pressure and anger which is pushing against the rigid fraud engrained in our economy. A fault line describes the zone where rock plates “glide” past one another, though this can be quite an aggressive process. Stress builds up at the fault line until the strain exceeds a threshold, and the growing energy is released. It is only a matter of time before the stress and rage in this country becomes too great – and movement occurs.

Labor productivity has continued to rise; yet, for many Americans pay has stagnated and benefits cut. Families have continued to work harder and give up more to accommodate for a drop in wages. A modern family has become a household where both Mom and Dad bring home a paycheck to survive.

Due to the increased productivity of American workers, this country has actually been making a decent amount of profit over the last few decades. But where is this profit going? Who is pocketing this profit that all Americans worked so hard to earn? Well, the facts indicate that all this profit is going to the very top – the top 1% of American citizens.

Sadly, much of the profit made by the top 1% is recycled back into buying votes in Washington and brainwashing citizens with propagandist commercials hiding under sweet names about prosperity, to attain more corporate tax cuts and less regulation.

We say enough is enough! We can no longer continue to let corporate funding and propaganda drive our political policies. We are here to bring attention to the growing income inequality by collecting facts, news and commentary on the subject.


One Comment to “About”

  1. It’s hard for me to believe we are doing more IN this country. I guess by qualifying it as “productivity” you can say it’s going up, but by outsourcing jobs and manufacturing in general, I could hardly use the word productive.

    Also, I think the reason “mom and dad” have to work to “survive” is because we buy SO MUCH MORE junk now. To use the word survive is a joke. It’s more along the lines of “…to buy endless amounts of stuff to increase our comfort.” To use the word survive is actually quite offensive, and frankly, self-centered for the billions of people on this planet that don’t have what most Americans consider basic essentials. I can live a comfortable life on $10,000 a year here in many places in the U.S. I do have military benefits, so lets up this $5,000 for a single person. Doubling the household doesn’t mean you double the income need. A family of four can “survive” for not much more. $20,000 – $25,000 a year is completely obtainable for one person with no skills beyond the joke of a basic education system we have in the U.S. I know some people need a combined income to do this in certain situations, but it’s not the case for most. You can factor in the children excuse, but that’s a choice now. This isn’t two million years ago in Africa. Just like I can’t get away with raping a hot chick walking down the street, people can’t say they need to have children to survive. I know some were in good financial standing when they had children and fell on hard times even though they lived within their means (although most don’t). Those people have my sympathy and they are legitimately struggling to “survive”. To say most in this country need two full-time — or even — part-time incomes to “survive” is completely off base. To “get by” is a little better.

    Try not to let your corporate marketing influences — subconsciously or consciously — bleed into a just cause.

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